Multipower 1KVA/12V Hybrid Inverter

Multipower 1.45KVA/24V Hybrid Inverter


Multipower 1KVA/12V Hybrid Inverter

Overview Of Multipower 1KVA/12V Hybrid Inverter

Multipower brings you the state of art technology to solve all your power backup requirements of your house. This Inverter has a proven performance delivery history and is built on the superior PWM technology using MOSFET.

Based on a high-end microcontroller technology the Multipower Sine Wave Inverters, also labeled as Home UPS provides pure sine wave output that is 100% clean, regulated, completely stable and distortion free that is absolutely safe for running the most sophisticated and sensitive appliances, silently. The UPS mode switches included in it, completely eliminate the need to have separate power back-up systems for your home appliances as well as your computer.

The Multipower 1KVA/12V Hybrid Inverter provides a UPS mode to ensure that even the most sensitive equipment runs uninterrupted during system switchover to the battery supply. As a result, your computer, TV or other appliances continue to run without a break or reboot.

This inverter provides a reliable, regulated and stabilized Pure Sine Wave power Output, it is a complete power generation system that is suitable for all types of home and commercial applications and it is capable of running most regular household electronics from Lights to TV’s and entertainment systems comfortably in either your home or office, in the most cost-effective manner without the irritating humming sound & it has already established itself as a most reliable option to generators in home and industrial segments. These inverters can be integrated with solar power to charge the batteries by using external solar charge controllers. They also come with built-in UPS ensuring uninterrupted supply.

Specification Of Multipower 1KVA/12V Hybrid Inverter

Type: Pure Sine Wave

Output Power: Multipower 1KVA/12V Hybrid Inverter

Model Name: Domestic

Model ID: EN011

Material: Stainless Steel

Fixture Type: Energy Saving

Compatible Battery Type: 200Ah

Back Up Time: 10 hrs

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