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SMF (AGM)12V 150AH INDEX CEIL Automobile Battery



When you invest in an electric forklift and car battery ensure you take the time to choose the right battery brand. As a number seller of quality car batteries in Nigeria, we can help you to lower maintenance and energy costs for your operation. We’ll help you select just the right products to maximize the battery life hence eliminate the need to replace more frequently. Whether you need to replace a single battery or a set of them in your facility, our technical team can help you choose the right product for your application.

Forklift Batteries in Nigeria

We stock different types of forklift batteries and chargers. Our extensive knowledge and superior service have enabled us to maintain a positive reputation in the region. Our company is proud to partner with top manufacturers in order to offer clients the most advanced technologies in the forklift battery industry. We know how vital your batteries are to the daily demands of your business. That’s why our knowledgeable technicians will ensure that you are always satisfied. We can review your needs and provide the best solutions or services that fulfill your application needs.


  • Deep cycle application
  • Fast recovery from deep discharge
  • Extended cycle life
  • Fast recharge capability
  • Excellent charge retention
  • International size
  • Free from orientation constraints
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 12V | 150AH Inverter Battery



  • Cars
  • Forklift
  • UPS
  • Tractors


  • Rated Voltage 12V | 150AH Inverter Battery
  • Rated Capacity 100Ah (20hr. 1.75V/cell 200, 1.75 v.p.c at 27C)
  • 12 months Warranty


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